our concept

“Of all the partnerships we develop in this lifetime, the most important and intimate relationship we have is the one with our own body. It is the physical residence in which we live and the home of our psyche and spirit.”

healthy natural

Healthy ingredients that make up a favorable diet should be available to everyone.
At BIOK you can find a complete range of organic foods and specialities.Gluten- Free, Lactose Free, Vegan, Spelt products as well as healthy delights for kids are all on our menu. Customers who are distrustful after the food scandals of recent years will benefit from high quality, healthy and natural products regulated by European organic certification bodies.
Our aim is to promote healthy living through a well-balanced and healthy nutrition while keeping the enjoyable delicatessen on the menu,certainly, while preserving our environment. At BIOK you will be maximizing your health and saving the planet!
organic agriculture
All our products are entirely free from chemical products which pollute our bodies, soil, waters and air. They are free from additives, preservatives and Genetically modified Organisms.By buying organic products, people are favouring organic agriculture and farming which in turn favours nature conservation and animal well-being. In order to add one final touch to your shopping experience, BIOK offers a range of Beauty products and essential oils as well as decorative and kitchen accessories such as Tea pots and pollution free candles.